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Services that I offer

Egregore Creation – 400$
Basic Tarot Card Reading – 50$ Brief Natal Chart Reading – 50$ Occult Information on how to do something or to learn – 50$ Detailed Natal Chart Reading – 100$

My 100$ Package

This package consists of me performing a one time summoning for you on your behalf in order to see to it that any matters that you need help with gets tended to so you want to make more money, or you want to work on your clairvoyance and astral senses through a spirit or something similar. Anything that you ask me for , you want increase pay this week or something, You would like to become more muscular, You want a spirit to bring your crush your way , your house hold is dealing with a haunting and needs to be purged away, You need to be healed either physically or mentally or spiritually it can be anything it doesn’t matter. Though due keep in mind since this is a one time summoning it’ll be a short burst of energy being sent your way to see to it your matter gets tended too via a spirit. So for long term workings you want to work on your clairvoyance for an extensive amount of time I recommend purchasing the Ultimate package. Though Sometimes one shot is all you need for the kill hypothetically speaking. So this is my smallest Spirit work package.

My 450$ Package

This package consists of me making an altar for you in regards of the spirit assigned for the task at hand to get to work as well as me performing a ritual for you once a week to see to it that your matter gets tended too over time and that results manifest much more greater than the medium package. You will be well updated over the course of the working and I’ll send you pictures of your altar and everything. The duration lasts for how ever long the working takes to see things improve for you in terms of the matter you wished for me to come through for you in, so this could take a couple of months it can take 3-4 months or so etc depending on the magnitude of your inquire. This is for longevity and large scale workings so anything it can be anything you have a haunting in your home that needs to be taken care of I’ll hand pick a spirit for you see if this spirit can even perform the matter by confirming this with divinations tarot cards as well as astrology , then I ask the spirit if it wants to do it if it says yes then we go from there and I’ll tell you the terms and conditions in which you need to know in order for all of us to begin. So it can be anything it doesn’t matter.

Due keep in mind that these prices are only present as of now so for the time being, in the future these prices will be subject to change. So take all of this under consideration and let me know what it is that you wish for.

Again I offer International Magick Services to Serious people who need help in any matter that they wish. I also give natal chart overviews divination readings and many more. Contact me for more general information. My facebook pages are @Geburah Inquires so business page as well as personal page. Phone number is 401-699-7354. Contact email is , YouTube channel is Geburah Inquires . My Telegram is Geburah Inquires 4016997354 My whatsapp is the same thing.


Hello. Welcome to my website. Eduardo Antonio Espinal

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I offer International Magick Services to Serious people who need help in any matter that they wish. I also give natal chart overviews divination readings and many more. Contact me for more general information. My facebook pages are @Geburah Inquires so business page as well as personal page. Phone number is 401-699-7354. Contact email is , YouTube channel is Geburah Inquires . My Telegram is Geburah Inquires 4016997354 My whatsapp is the same thing.

A quick overview of my team of spirits that I Hold highly ,love dearly, and are my “go to” for any matters. Anyone else is a 1 time summoning. “For now that is.”

I prefer working with celestial spirits so Angelic entities such as my deeply loved patrons, Samael, Raphael , Etc. As well as Martian Spirits respectfully, but if you have any suggestions in terms of what spirit you would like to work with besides any of my guys let me know upon inquire.

My sponsors:

  1. Samael
  2. Rafael
  3. Haniel
  4. Abrazah
  5. Lilith
  6. Bariel
  7. Raziel

I created my first Egregore ever

I created my first Egregore back on Wednesday from the date in which I’m writing out this article so the day of Mercury/Hod/Kaspit. I began with simply picking out all of his characteristics so name , planetary alignment , correspondence , specialty and appearance , then I simply just began powering up to channel all of my energy into a single point before I started reading out an oration. Once finished I simply began releasing energy from my astral body in order to bring the Egregore to life through my own energy and I did so to the point where I almost passed out and my Lord Samael who was standing next to Abrazah as usual , told me to stop that’s enough because the entity that I created was already in front of me that I didn’t need to continue anymore. Once I heard that I simply stopped everything and opened my eyes and the Egregore that I created was standing before me alive and ready to take action in which I want to put it in charge of and it was just so beautiful to see. That I literally created a being with sheer intent and willpower. No ritual needed just honing energy into a directive point placing set energy and making the energy take form. The only draw back was that I felt so weak and wobbly to point where after the Egregore creation I spilt a bit of candle wax which has never happened to me before since long ago back when I was a would-be occultist. Though the reason behind this is because I simply just gave it a piece of my astral body in order for it to take form. Anyways, when I grounded myself I talked my Egregore for a few seconds and that was pretty much it. Though I still hypothetically speaking cannot believe that I created my own being , it’s just amazing honestly , but this is mundane occult stuff so it’s nothing to grandeur. I’m simply speaking from a neutral perspective because in hindsight it is a great event. In anycase , that was my experience with Egregore creation.

My Egregore’s name is “Tehila”, which is Hebrew for “Fame”. He is Saturnian and Corresponds to 15° in Aquarius similar to my beloved astral brother Fallen Angel Abaddon. His appearance is that of an Angel with Dark features but not that he is’ an angel , so a gothic looking Angel, an image will be down below so you guys can get the gist of how he looks.

His Seal is this but not that you can even work with him this is simply just to show you how his seal looks. Because Egregores only listen and perform task to their creator unless instructed otherwise during their creation.

My experiences with Sitri

I started working with Sitri 3 months ago to be exact on behalf of a customer of mine. For the sake of privacy and etcetera I wont be listing any names here obviously, so with that being stated I’ll begin going over Sitri’s back ground and correspondences and my experiences with Sitri. So Sitri is a Fallen Angel aka an Infernal spirit that corresponds to Mercury 9° in Gemini to be exact, and he is from the order of Angels so the order of Mala’ch in hebrew which he didn’t want to tell me at first because he said we were just getting to know eachother and wanted me to gain his trust which I fully understood. He rules over no sphere though has a sphere of his own in the astral plain as most spirits do and will be visiting it more later down the line for good measure. Sitri is once again Mecurial and corresponds to 9° in Gemini so the key word here is “Caution”. One with sharp intellect and an eye for his own interest though generous where affections are concerned. Which is not really the case but more or less so depending on the situation at hand but for the most part Sitri is very helpful. What Sitri is skilled in and or what he can bring to the table as a spirit is stuff that involves people so dealing with crowds of people in terms of influencing them or one person regardless of what it is because Sitri’s strongest and only specialty is influencing people. This also refers to love related matters though by influence so bringing someone towards you via influence. He works really fast and I’m talking fast because Sitri was able to make substantial amounts of changes take place within a few weeks of the working itself though I’ll be going over the rest of the results when I get into breaking down my experiences with Sitri.

In terms of what Sitri looks like this is essentially how he looked the first time he appeared to me which is that a humanoid looking leopard appearance which I found to be pretty neat though I knew he had a celestial form and wanted to see it and after sensing that I like humanoid forms and seeing the guys that I work with Samael and Abrazah standing guard he told me “Do you prefer this form then” and showed me his celestial form which is that of a typical angel dressed in nice orange robes with a sky blue sash holding nothing. His hair was blonde with nice sky blue eyes and caucasian with a moderate build so a decent build. Not a build like Samael who’s really strong and tall. Keep in mind that this is not exactly how he looked though you get the gist by viewing the image below.

His voice also sounded alot different after forming into his celestial form so his original form. Which before in the previous form he sounded a bit weird which is in no offense to him , he sounded as if he was trying to speak very quietly so that no one else can hear him or like some shady guy along side the street trying to sell you something in a discrete manner. Though in this Original form he sounds normal and his voice coming off as a bit more projected while being lite and soft. So now I’m going to go over my experiences with Sitri. So I received an inquire from a customer that was a love related matter so I instantly thought of a spirit perfect to come through for this customer’s matter which happened to be my thrice lord archangel Haniel though he instantly denied the offer because he already knew what’s up with the person we’re dealing with he simply told me “Nope nope nope I am not helping this person I’m sorry Eduardo but I do not want to help this person.” . So I simply told him no it’s fine it’s okay no problem I understand why anyways so I simply just thought of someone else and it happened to be Sitri. So I simply got to it while speaking with the customer I summoned him by simply just putting emphasis on his name and he told me that he’s definitely willing to help this customer out. After that I casted various different divinations on behalf of my customer so that she can know exactly what to expect and when results will manifest on her behalf but she simply wanted to know more and more details in terms of her lover , and in this case it was another female so it was female on female action basically , which is another reason why Haniel didn’t want to condone the working so I had to go with an infernal spirit because they don’t really care about shit like that, I simply just thought to my self , “oh what the fuck ever let me cast the divinations for her” , “it’s on me I’ll just do them for free” , then went along and did everything. She was satisfied and we simply got down too it after she sent the payment my way. Though things were not just straight to the point and on business terms due to the nature of this customer. This customer was really knee deep in shit to the point where she will spam me CONSISTANTLY, to inform me on what the hell to do from here on out while me and Sitri take over the situation on her behalf , and that she feels guilty for doing this and blah blah blah and a bunch of other crap to the point that I had to tell her “Okay listen you’re going to have to cut it out because you’re starting to get annoying. ” , I had to bare the receiving end of all of it. So I essentially just acted as a therapist on her behalf consulting her about what to do, how to feel, and this and that and the third literally Every single bit of detail because this person was so depressed that she just couldn’t even help her self and I understand where she’s coming from , if one looks at this from a neutral perspective but to just UNLOAD your shit onto someone like there’s no tomorrow is very lacking in manners and unorthodox on many levels. I also want to mention that before hand I casted a Natal chart reading on her and the reason why she’s like this is just due to the hand that she was given to by Elohim aka God in terms of her being fated to be this way. She has this character trait that makes her very unstable mentally and depressed and miserly and etcetera in the current timeline of her life so it’s all manifesting on the surface as the days passed along in her case. Not only that but that she will have problems with relationships and that all of them will be superficial and not genuine what so ever and etc etc etc so I simply told her all of this but the girl was so desperate that she didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say as well as didn’t believe me and this and that. I even told “her look I’m sorry but this isn’t just going to work out for you and this and that, and these are the reasons for that” but she just kept insisting and insisting so I simply told her, Okay, no problem. It’s all on you whether if stuff doesn’t go your way or end in your favor it’s all , on , you. I already told you everything from the beginning and you still want to go through with everything fine Okay. I simply just did my job as an occultist and saw to it that I took care of her matter to the best of my ability despite everything not going in her favor I mean every single divination I casted said this. Though me and Sitri worked something out in regards of simply just bringing her lover back to her TEMPORARILY since her “lover”, is not the one for her and it’s not fated in my customers case that they will be a thing together forever and etcetera etcetera. So the least I can do is bring her lover back to her as quickly as possible for the time being and that is all. So we went through with it and the working was supposed to be finished within the span of 3 and a half months . So through the duration of 3 and half months the working could be finished within a week after I start the working, or 2 weeks or 3 etc etc within a month and it goes on, but in general results will manifest, WITHIN, THE SPAN, OF 3 AND A HALF MONTHS. Next further down the line Sitri started to really go all out for my customer and I’m talking really fast due to his mercurial Alignment and my customer’s lover went from not wanting to speak to her or wanting anything to do with her , to texting her back and simply chit chatting but it wasn’t FULLY done, to the point where my customers lover is bat-shit-crazy in love with my customer again and so this was where the problems occurred. I simply told my customer that through out the working do not make any contact with the lover because she might end up sparking negative thoughts that her lover has or had on her and the negative out look on my customer would surface again and well be back to square one and then there’s more work for sitri to take care of which means that the working is just simply going to take longer to finish, and she was really trying to get back with her lover as quickly as possible because the divinations I casted stated that my customers lover is moving on by the day and also has her sight set on someone and she really did not like that so she wanted this done fast. When my customers lover came back to her and they were just talking normally what dose this “girl” do? The COMPLETE OPPOSIT. She ends up confronting her lover about the new person she has her eyes set on and manages to spark an argument between the two so my customer and the lover began arguing with each-other *facepalm*. Then I told her what’s up and she didn’t like the fact that the working will take longer then usual. Though, I already told her but she just could not control her self. Keep in mind, I Already KNEW that this was going to happen I just wanted to see whether if she would actually go through with what played out in my vision or not. So I was just like whelp, that’s her problem. I mean how stupid can you be seriously. Anyways , to keep a long story short , another month passes so were 2 months into the working and me and Sitri have been doing our thing on behalf of this customer to the point where the lover returned back to her despite the argument they had and everything else in between, and actually managed to meet up in person once again. So again, what dose my customer do? They take a fucking flight trip abroad and went to Florida or some shit to go on some small honey moon like-date and I didn’t hear ANYTHING from this customer for about three weeks! And I was simply waiting for her to send another payment because there’s a lack of energy that the working needs to be fully done and-or fulfilled and yet nothing came of it. So I had to stop the working and put it on hold for like a few weeks and it took so long for her to get back to me to the point where the energy Sitri built up faded away, and it was due to it being Mercurial energy and since Mercurial energy is very lite and works fast , it also dissipates fairly quickly as well. So now we’re literally back to square one, once again -_- , and when she finally called me back I simply told her “Okay listen , this is the price that is needed for us to restart the working , and I know this is to much for you because on top of that factor you don’t even have a job to pay this off so I think it’s best we call this off.” , KEEP IN MIND I EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO USE MY OWN FUCKING MONEY TO SEE THIS THROUGH I WENT THAT HARD FOR THIS CUSTOMER LIKE NO OTHER , and this was the end result *facepalm again * , and she was just like Nooo noo noo I can pay you I have the money I just don’t have the job and I was like okay what ever I’ll be on standby just let me know I’ll be here as usual. I already knew that she wasn’t going to come through with the money I even told my close friend my really good friend who’s an occultist as well which most of you might know who I’m referring to, and he even said “Yeah don’t hold your breath on it she’s most likely not even going to message you back.” . So I was just like yeah yeah I already know what time it is no worries though I’ll be on standby to see things through until the very end. When the time came for her to send the money there was no sign of her what so ever literally, and I’ve been telling Sitri to please give her a chance she might return and this and that and he was just like “Ok ok fine but if she doesn’t show up this time I’m done with this working because she’s wasting my time she’s not serious what so ever.” , and I agreed with him. So yeah, never heard from her again and I simply decided to go through with an article on the whole matter in relation to Sitri’s skills and potency and etcetera. So that was essentially it. Unfortunately I STILL have not heard a thing from this customer, So the working is officially done. And I will never be coming through for this customer ever again or anything similar she’s officially banned from my shop she can go somewhere else where they’ll try to over charge her or simply charge her like 50$ for such a working of this magnitude Lol! Not my problem. Keep in mind this is a local customer so she is also from Providence Rhode Island, and this is why I don’t ever ever everrr deal with these kinds of people they’re like fucking parasites they’re like vermin, they’re the equivalent of Rats they don’t even have the brains to even remotely get into these sort of affairs yet alone even have the Money to begin the job and etcetera, these people are just worth less then nothing on massive scales and so in turn I simply just choose not to deal with them. It is also another reason why I don’t make contact or deal with vermin from here because they’re all a bunch of fucking low life degenerates that are either sleazy in nature , they scam or do some kind of form of fraud, they’re either some fucking drug addict or some convict , some active gang member some fucking prostitute and it keeps going on and on and on, words cannot explain how much I fucking hate providence but yeah , that’s a story for another time. In any case, I learned my lesson once again, why I don’t deal with utter disposable expendable trash from here with the non entities that they all are , and it blows my mind how beyond worthless these people can be oh boy. It’s a fucking blasphemy it’s offensive for someone like me with really high standards and a strong grip for my morality and etcetera. So that was essentially that.

Once again Sitri is an infernal Angel so a fallen angel aka Hasetani Mala’ch in Hebrew. He is from the order of Angels. He is infernal Mercurial so he corresponds to Mercury 9° in Gemini to be exact. His nature is really calm and cool though when need be he will show signs of impatience like I’ve mentioned earlier because I mean, under the conditions I’ve stated who the fuck wouldn’t be? Getting their time wasted like that. He takes the form of some Leopard looking humanoid creature with a low voice almost sounding like he’s trying to whisper or just speak quitely, in his Original form so his celestial form he is a beautiful man with Blonde hair and sky-blueish eye’s wearing an orange robe with a sky-blue sash and his voice is more normal in this state as well as more projected but lite and soft. No armor because sitri is not the gladiator type though doesn’t mean that he won’t fuck someone up really badly. He is skilled in Influencing people the key word here to keep in mind is “INFLUENCE”. Anything that involves groups of people or one person Sitri will do the job to come through for you and influence individuals in your name to see to it they either side with you or like you or love you or hate you etcetera etcetera but why would you make someone hate you anyways? In any case he’s infernal so keep in mind that results will not be stable what so ever and-or everlasting especially since he’s Mercurial so results are fast and superficial. In some cases results might be everlasting so long-term but these are rare cases that can indeed happen so it’s all up to you. Another thing to I almost forgot to mention is that Sitri’s energy is weird, making me almost pass out when I hosted a ritual for him and it takes time to get used to, though my guys Samael and Abrazah had my back so I was good 2 go so to speak but this is just due to his nature it’s not meant in any offense towards you or anything similar so it’s not personal. I also called my friend after hosting the ritual and told him what’s up and he was like “See I told you I told you didn’t I and etc etc” But I already knew what was up from the start. In any case that is pretty much all on Sitri’s profiling.

His Seal is this. This is a custom made seal I made for him. So enjoy and knock your self out if you wanna’ summon him and I literally mean “Knock your self out” because depending on your proficiency Sitri’s energy will make you pass out Lol! So you’ve been warned. His Altar when we first started off is also down below.

My experiences with Satan

I started working with Satan a really long time ago from this specific point in time, and I did so because I was still in the process of gathering spirits to become my astral family or group of spirits that I tend to work with for a very long time, and Satan happened to be one of them due to me being fond of Infernal/Fallen Angels. Satan for those of you who don’t know about him or his background which would be a really rare case or unless you live under a rock on a hill, is a spirit that has left a huge impression on countless humans through out the dawn of time to the point where temples are depicted in his name, Christians and Catholics associating him with the “Devil” , and people simply looking up to him as being the root of all evil and the , “Big baddy” of the astral plain. Though in terms of him representing evil, is definitely wrong, and is not the case what so ever, especially people associating him with the devil, which is another definitive incorrect statement. Because the devil doesn’t even exist in the first place, where is he? I don’t know, but I’ve been trying to summon the devil for a long time back in the day and to no avail. Even still to this day I don’t see him anywhere. I’ve already confirmed this through him and my patrons, and the devil dose indeed, not exist, it’s just a grave misconception coming from the ignorant masses through out the passage of time, and this most prominently comes from catholic demonisation in ancient/ medieval times. And in terms of him being represented in the “Church of Satan” , He doesn’t even take them seriously as well as any other “Satanist” out there because they don’t even represent him, they only use him as a symbol of them being free from the yoke of god which is completely laughable because no one can be free from the yoke of god in terms of having free will, not even satan him self, not even my beloved main lord/main patron Samael, or the rest of the archangels , or even my self. He says he simply just goes to them when being invoked or being held a ritual on and makes a few sounds and the whole church of satan goes crazy and are left in awe , Satan mostly stick out to serious individuals who are actually seeking to work with him on a serious level andor on business terms, and someone who doesn’t look at him as some symbolical representation of sin itself or darkness, not to mention people mixing him with Baphomet which is another spirit entirely who I’ll be writing an article on in the near future as well as a video on him. As well as these churches struggling with the notion of Satan either being a real being either physical or Astral , or just a image for their childish personal self gains and etcetera. I mean people confuse Satan and Lucifer as being the same being with 2 different names to refer to which honestly is just being plain stupid at this point, it’s like associating a Sargent with a corporal with a private and it goes on and on and on , or a Manager with vice managers with advisers and staffs and etc etc I mean how stupid do you have to be seriously. If your looking for someone who fits the bill honestly, go to my main lord Samael, because Samael literally can easily be confused with the quote on quote “Devil” In terms of him ruling over death, chaos, strife, destruction, war, suffering ,agony , darkness, and all evil, he is literally the ruler of all the “Baddies” out there so to speak, so seek him out rather than Satan but Samael is telling me right now no to not come to him in this manner he doesn’t want any idiots coming his way unless your absolutely serious which I agree never the less, and honestly , Satan is not even a high ranking spirit amongst angels or even his own order which is in no offense to my beloved past 4th patron which is Satan in this case obviously, he is either the 6th or the 4th if I’m not mistaken , no he just helped me out and told me he is the 5th highest ranking Angel amongst the choir of Potestates, so just like Lucifer my beloved past 6th patron, Satan is a Potestates, and not a high ranking one at that, so I don’t even know where the hell people make all of this shit up from. Anyways , So in that regard Satan is a Potestates, and his name means “The Adversary” , or “The Enemy”, bluntly put. He is Jupiterian so he corresponds to 27° in Pisces ♓︎ and 21° in Aries ♈︎ respectively. He also has Lunar and Uranusian traits but that’s to a moderate degree , his main correspondence is Pisces , and his second strongest is Aries. So martian power ♈︎ . His specialty is Clairvoyance as well as all things hidden so becoming incognito or literally invisible but this can take years obviously. Becoming invisible is not something easily achievable over night it takes years Literally to do so but it is possible never the less. So things hidden are stuff that’s off the radar so illegal affairs which I definitely do not recommend , being an astral spy or simply keeping the magician off the radar. So the key words here is “Incognito” . Though Satan is infernal and he’s martian so he works in a heavy karmic way so stuff will literally bite you in the ass afterwards. So after clairvoyant workings Satan will bestow upon neurosis and etc, just making one more ragey and mad, if you set him up on a money related affair he will make you not gain money or even loose money or just something manifesting along the lines and etc etc etc. And I know all of this by experience especially doing research on him and casting an horary chart on him the first time I worked with him a long time ago. So that’s essentially it on Satan and his background and correspondences and what he has to offer to the occultist/ Magician . Oh and I almost forgot to mention Satan rules over the Qliphothic sphere Thaumiel so Thaumiel , the opposing sphere of Kether, along side Moloch but Satan is the definitive ruler of Thaumiel because he’s an Infernal Angel so he has a higher rank than Moloch , Moloch is just a pagan spirit though they share that sphere regardless. Moving on to how he looks. When I first started working with him even until the end of our business relationship I couldn’t see him to well and not only that but he didn’t take any serious forms for me because I just couldn’t handle it back in the day simply put. I just wasn’t as adept as I am now. He took the form of a Snake and it was a python an all black python with small wings and was floating in the air and that could speak. Similar to this image I will state down below but this is a cobra and like I said in previous articles the image doesn’t not Fully represent their actual appearance, it’s only a reference and so that you can get a general idea on their form.

Than in the latter stages of our relationship he took the appearance of a greek soldier wearing hoplite armor holding a spear. though the form he takes for me now during the time of me writing out this article on him, he’s shown me his celestial form so how he actually looks on a literal level, and it’s really beautiful honestly. A winged Man wearing roman armor and that’s really strong with nice long curly black hair so curly hair and his eyes are black , his wings are sometimes blue sometimes red they keep changing as I speak or in this case, write out this article. It’s due to his piscean trait since pisces is a clairvoyant water sign so very fluid and ever changing. Typical amongst all piscean or cancer spirits. Similar to this but like I said the image is not so much. his appearance, and anyways this image is Michael, and he looks similar to him , as well as most angel’s I’ve worked with or have had the liberty of seeing.

Now going over my experiences with Satan. Satan used to be my 4th patron as I mentioned previously above but I stopped working with him due to me just not wanting to deal with instability anymore due to him being infernal but that’s okay that just his nature and you can’t change him nor will he change for you , if you don’t like something you simply stop working with the spirit and move on and find someone else to work with , anyways. The first thing I put him in charge of was Clairvoyance because that’s what I was seeking at that time , to build up my clairvoyance and proficiency as an occultist and to become more profound over all, and he definitely helped me out within this context, it was through Satan that I was able to turn on and off my kundalini and make it so for energy to travel up through it as well as to enhance the way I see energy so to see clear layers and waves of astral energy. I was really really impressed on the results over time working with him for several months after, as well as his secondary job which was to keep me off the radar which was what I wanted at the time domestically speaking, to be incognito essentially , and that too was a success , I was practically a ghost to my surroundings and the outside world which I loved immensely , and it was enough to continue what I had going on as an occultist in terms of just, minding my damn business and tending to my astral development and my workings. And it was just due to past baggage and people who knew me and the attention that I had on me domestically from my past in terms of the life I lived that I wanted him to diss-associate me from. And like I said I was like a fucking ghost essentially, unknown and dead to the world. Which was the point. And Satan did really really well at this , To the point where I had to release him from that job or else I wouldn’t get no where later on in life in terms of making a name for my self and etcetera. Which he understood. Then I put him in charge of money which is a typical trait that falls under Jupiter/Chesed/Tzedek , but he didn’t do to well on this 1 because it’s not his strongest specialty and 2 because of the lack of opportunity around me, Satan isn’t just going to manifest money for you out of thin air, the person to go for that specifically is Belphegor because he’s skilled in manifesting stuff on the material plain out of thin air literally. So that was another job I ceased him from. And essentially the end of our relationship came when I noticed after I would get done with hosting a ritual for him and continuing our workings, I would be , wayy to ragey and neurotic. Very mad and baring a short fuse , and it got so bad to the point where I got into a very ugly argument with some locals that I knew from back in the day some associates of mine from the past, and as well as my family and I would feel his energy flowing through me and that’s when I noticed it was just due to the aftermath of our workings as a toll or a price to pay for what he’s doing for me astrally, it’s tit for tat with infernal spirits and this is essentially how they get down to business so I was like “Ok no this has to stop I’m not liking it” , and I simply approached him and told him what is up, and he understood and I packed up everything on his altar and through all the offerings away once we finished up because you can’t just reuse offerings it’s disrespectful and no spirit will accept it after wards unless they specifically tell you. Just bare in mind, nobody likes sloppy seconds okay it’s that simple. Humans re-use items but like I said , Humans’ do so, not spirits. The way spirits handle gifts and items is that they absorb the astral equivalent of an item and so what the hell are they going to do with something that is void of astral energy I mean, get real here… and yeah that was essentially it. He still visits me when ever I mention him and he still wants to work with me and now that he knows I have a business and saw how much I’ve grown spiritually/astrally and my proficiency and etc, he tells me occasionally to make a default altar for him once again or to call him up so that he can help out one of my customers but no one is in need of Satan’s specialties right now, and that was essentially what I told him, as well as how I just don’t have any room for him amongst my astral family anymore, though I still love him and respect him and hold him highly , he’s came through for me like no other and I couldn’t be any more grateful for everything he’s helped me out with. If it wasn’t for him, I would have still been training spiritually and trying to master allowing energy to flow up my kundalini and etc. So thank you Satan.💙♓︎❤️♈︎

So Satan is an infernal Angel so Hasetani. He is the 5th ranking spirit amongst the order of Potestates , So he is Hasetani Potestates (Infernal Powers). Potestates means powers so he’s from the order of powers or the choir of Powers. His name means “The Adversary” or “The Enemy” . He is Jupiterian corresponds to Pisces 27° ♓︎ and Aries 21° ♈︎. He rules over the Qliphothic sphere Thaumiel which is the opposing sphere of Kether. His specialty is Clairvoyance as well as all things hidden so becoming incognito or literally invisible remember it takes years for invisibility but it’s possible . So things hidden are stuff that’s off the radar so illegal affairs which I definitely do not recommend , being an astral spy or simply keeping the magician off the radar. He is also skilled in basic Jupiterian affairs but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it he’s not ‘That’ skilled in money and etc. He works in a heavy karmic way so it’s tit for tat with Satan. Satan can be very aggressive sometimes as well as coercive but that’s due to his Martian traits, usually he’s very calm and quite, and eager to help anybody, more than willing to do so. Satan will practically say yes to anything. Literally anything.

His Seal is this. These are Custom seals that I made for him with his actual literal seal on them so yeah knock your self out if you want to summon him.

My experiences with Abaddon/Απόλλυων

I started working with Abaddon/Apollyon a couple of months ago but it was extremely brief , only invoking him for a one time summoning too see what he had to offer as a spirit. I essentially wanted him to “surprise me”. So I began doing just that hosting a Ritual for him I made and had laid out for him back in the day when I couldn’t invoke spirits by just sheer intent and thought as well as emphasis, so I went about things with a ritual. When I finished the ritual there was no one insight and I didn’t feel any energy that was remotely his, until shortly after I began drawing pentacles at that time I was still getting ready to assign default altars with spirits that I was working with so Lilith and Lucifer at the time, and I had to draw out some Greater keys of Solomon as well as seals etc for their altar. While I was doing so I heard a loud banging sound as if something just landed really hard on my floor , as if you were to jump off of your bed and land on the floor, and when I heard this I immediately was like what the hell was that and saw a really tall malevolent looking humanoid being with all black clothing which consisted of ,black robes , black pointy hood with only small littles holes where the eyes are viewable and black hands that look really grim like almost like a creatures hands with long nails , and he had a really wide body so this guy was really tall like 10 feet tall and a wide body to fit his height , all accompanied with a weird voice almost sounds like he has a sock stuffed down his throat or similar , and he greeted me stating “Hello Eduardo let us begin” or something like that and shortly after we simply just got to it. Explaining my job proposal for him and etc stuff I wanted to put him in charge of and everything went swell. After all of this he simply stayed hanging around my room and eventually left , while I was just doing what I normally do I would hear weird astral sounds sounds that just don’t sound normal simply , and I immediately knew it was Abaddon due to it being his nature Abaddon likes to test one or just mess around with you in a joking way trying to scare you when ever he appears or cause something uncanny to happen to throw you off but nothing really scares me and he now knows that after working with him for a while. He’s currently sitting on my bed behind me watching me right this article out and he’s saying ” Yeah I tried with you numerous times I can’t scare you hm hm” , You can only imagine something that tall sitting down on my bed this guy makes the bed sound like it’s about to snap in half my king size bed has wooden frames so yeah, though what’s odd is that it’s not literally sinking in, it just sounds like that , though there’s no imprint on the bed or signs of anyone sitting down on the bed or anything , just imagine someone just crashing on your bed but the bed dose not move in any way and there’s no bed imprint of someone sitting on it, though I can see him sitting on it when he’s doing so, that’s what I mean. If your wondering why he’s sitting on my bed I have no idea honestly alot of the spirits that I have worked with come and just, sit on my bed I don’t know I guess they like my bed or something. Anyways, other times Abaddon will appear as something that looks like Pyramid head from the Silent hill series something that has a huge metal pyramid like helmet on with small spikes laid out around the angles of the helmet as well as just being completely naked with large black wings and his skin is greyish not pale but greyish with black spots or smudges around his skin and his genitals are completely exposed which I tend to not look at obviously, and essentially this is just a second form he takes on occasion you can only just imagine something like both of the forms I described above look like in person or how they come off to the average joe these are really terrifying to look at honestly one would really shit them selves seeing something like this out and about if you’re just a gentile. Would really make someone go insane or something. He look’s similar to this image down below, as usual, NOT EXACTLY HOW HE LOOKS LIKE..

Abaddon has helped me out tremendously through out the passage of time with numerous stuff. When I found out his correspondences and that he was Saturnian as well as Plutonian but leaning more on the Plutonian side through casting an horary chart on him as well as tarot divinations I began to be even more fond of him as I thought he was Martian due to his background and nature but that’s not at all the case and at the time I was looking for a really good plutonian spirit to invoke to help me with plutonian matters , as well as confirming this with my good friend occultist Morino Ravenberg’s article on Abaddon go check that out as well. As I said earlier I wanted to invoke a plutonian spirit to find out more information about Pluto on an esoteric level so that I can create Plutonian Invocations, and Abaddon did help me out with all of these things telling me what is and what isn’t when addressing the matter to me, he even helped me with questions that I had about Uranus , since Uranus is the vice ruler of Aquarius and since he ‘is’ Saturnian and obviously Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius , and with the information I’ve gathered from big guy Abaddon I’m able to put Uranus and Pluto into practicality on an esoteric level. So partake in Uranus and Plutonian planetary invocations how to trace it’s hexagram the sign these spheres rule over who rules over these spheres , the energies of these spheres ,how they feel ,the nature of these spheres and it keeps going. As well as him telling me ‘He’ rules over Daath in the astral plain along side Koʊroʊnzoʊn/Kourounzon/Choronzon, the abyss, since he ‘ is’, the angel of the abyss as stated in the book of Enoch as well as Biblically speaking in revelations. I’ve been working with him as well over the course of a month extensively to help me out with the state of my website and elevating my website’s status and popularity, telling him specifically, “I want you to bring me eyes and ears from all over the world on a mass scale level” , since he is skilled in Performance and elevation , elevating one’s status on a specific job or skill that they have or something that they do in general to the point where if possible, fame will be achieved, and Abaddon did just that. From the start of my website I’ve only attracted a couple of people here and there and they were mostly all from America, no where else. Even when I checked 2 weeks ago or so on the state of my website I still only received American visitors and it was just a lousy 5 people or so the most every couple of days, the working still hadn’t taken effect…. up until this week. When I opened up the Statistics of my website to see how everything is looking. I saw this.

I’m proud of Abaddon , Abaddon is at it again showing off to me his prowess and what he can do, this time in regards of his specialty which is elevation of status etc, and as you can see, the working is going just fine. My website went from a lousy 30 views and 20 visitors that are all American, to a whopping 394 views that range all across the globe. I am very satisfied of how results are going though this is not any where near the conclusion andor the end results of the working, there’s still a ways to go, so the goal is not yet completed with this working. Though you can only just imagine the end results. Another thing to Abaddon dose for me is clean up house when ever he stops by here and there, not that it’s his mandatory job or anything but something I told him to do when ever he stops by and notices energy that’s not remotely from anyone who’s amongst my Astral family and or his energy. Which he dose do so he told me he took care of a nosy spirit that tried to snoop around my house and see what it was I was doing though to no avail due to Abaddon being around at the moment along side Samael, and Abrazah, so yeah nothings making it through with out these 3 guy’s being right there on top of the matter. Abaddon is also destructive in nature so he can take care of any enemies one needs to be taken care of or have the karma scales balanced out in that individuals name. So that’s pretty much it for now on my beloved Abaddon. Abaddon is not amongst my Astral family aka my group of spirits , but he sure is a hell of a “family friend” so to speak, and he’s welcomed with open arms when ever he appears or wants to come and pay a visit to us. I appreciate Abaddon like no other along side the rest of my guys, and he has helped me out through out many many occasions. As well as being some what of a funny guy when trying to scare me here and there which is pretty funny to me honestly. Another thing too to keep in mind is that when working with Abaddon the draw backs are on a technological level so this guy will make your phone glitch out your computer your tv your microwave it doesn’t matter, what ever it is on a technological level it will act odd in the face of Abaddons energy which is understandable due to him being a fallen angel 1 , and 2 he’s Aquarius and Aquarius rules over technology so it Anyways that is all on Abaddon. Thank’s alot Big guy. Απόλλυων ♄ ♒️ ♇ ♏️

In regards to what he can do for the occultist/magician Abaddon corresponds to 15° in Aquarius, so the key word here is “Performance”. Someone who is truly a “Public” figure. There’s alot of arrogance in this degree, although that may degenerate to mere pompousness or conceit. Keep in mind you have to know how to properly apply the meaning of a degree to a spirit and not what it means on a Human. So yes generally speaking Abaddon is very Pompous and strict as well as authoritative, this guy dose not like his time being wasted at all or anything similar. Dose not fuck around. Abbadon is a fallen angel so Hasetani/infernal, and is the ruler of the abyss Daath along side Koʊroʊnzoʊn/Kourounzon/Choronzon. Abaddon is destructive so he can also balance out the karma scales in your favor in the name of an individual who needs to be taught a proper lesson the reason I say this is because your intent should never be to kill, unless you want to risk it manifesting back to you so back your way tenfold if the person didn’t deserve it what so ever. So magic works in a way that when you lash out against someone you dislike for a half ass reason and generally speaking the boy or girl didn’t deserve it , you’ll be essentially punching someone in the face, and at the cost of that punch and you hurting that persons face, you loose both your arms and a leg, So unless someone tried to deliberately , blatantly , and intentionally kill you or harm you in a way that will cost you your life or put you on a wheel chair or something then you have right to take the up most Brusk Authority. Though it’s not black and white you need to be able to cast divinations no matter if it’s through Astrology , the akasha , tarot cards etc etc, to know if it will even be in your favor or see how things will end andor result to, do not just go ahead and do so. Something I wanted to mention. You should be able to hone your power , not abuse it, have self control and a rational sound mind, not think like a dumb teenager who just got into magic and is cursing or sending spirits to anyone who remotely pisses him off. You will feel the pressure ten fold , and I’m not joking. Tread with caution and no your own strength as well as hone it. Continuing on, when it comes to Abaddon and negative side effects or drawbacks one should be worried about is generally speaking stuff of a technological nature so computer glitching out, phone bugging out here and there, Your tv acting weird all of a sudden at random, even my microwave started showing signs of corruption or alteration when I started working with Abaddon extensively, making these weird sounds and the disc stuttering when moving clock wise and it now spins really slow, as well as stuff of a martian level like getting hit more frequently here and there with objects around that house due to them making you more prone to things like that, Abaddon is Plutonian and Pluto rules over Scorpio and it being a destructive, as well as lust-full sign, and the Sphere it’s self is similar to Mars on many notes due to both of them ruling over Scorpio. Weird things happening around you due to Saturns influence so cups falling in the kitchen out of no where stuff like that really. Though it only happens here and there literally, so all of a sudden you’ll hear weird something fall, you’ll see your computer doing some stupid shit or your phone and what not and then becoming stable again you name it. Abaddon is also known as the Angel of death biblically speaking along side my beloved Lord Samael , Abaddon’s name means “DESTRUCTION” or “CHAOS” . Which is well apparent within his nature. His specialty is making someone more popular more well known with something that someone dose, a skill, a job , a talent , you name it, raising ones status and making them a public figure and or famous if possible, so fame can be achieved with Abaddon. In general, elevation of ones status. He appears as what I stated above earlier in this article , and his voice is muffled and sounds odd like someone with something lodged within their throat or something, imagine someone speaking with a sock in there mouth with a really deep voice that’s how he sounds. That is all.

His seal is this. These are custom made seals I’ve made for big guy Abaddon/Apollyon . One for his Actual Seal that he showed me when I asked of it to confirm who he was when I first invoked him because spirits can only show their seals for some reason and not anyone or anything else’s, and a Modern day seal people use to try and work with him which ‘dose’ work as long as your intent is pure, and your looking to summon Abaddon intent wise, not anyone else, Abaddon.

His Seal
His Modern day Seal

☧ The Integrity of my Business Seals ☧

Hashemesh/Tiphareth/Sol/Sun ה ☉♌️
Yesod/Luna/Labbanah/Moon ל ☽♋️
Geburah /Madim/ Mars מ ♂♈️♏️
Hod/Kaspit/Mercury כ ☿♊️♍
Chesed/Tzedek/Jupiter צ ♃♓️♐️
Netzach/Nogah-Nuge/Venus נ ♀♎️♉️
Binah/Shabtay/Saturn ש ♄♑️♒️
Chokmah/Niphton/Neptune ן ♆♓️ (Vice ruler of Pisces, also known as Modern day ruler of Pisces)
Phaloto/Pluto פ ♇♏️ (Vice Ruler of Scorpio, also known as Modern day ruler of Scorpio)
Uornos/Uranus א ♅♒️ (Vice ruler of Aquarius, also known as Modern day ruler of Aquarius)

It’s quite obvious that my business seals are more then just Symbolic, though if it wasn’t apparent I’ll be going over all of that today within this article. My business seals have spiritual attachments to them in general astral properties that give them each an effect in terms of energy and the feeling they give off due to set energy, referencing the Kabbalistic Sephirothic spheres of the tree of life, each seal is directly attributed and associated to each sphere giving off there vibrations and the state of mind they induce over individuals looking into the seal. All of my seals have the Hebrew letter “Gimmel” Set in the middle due to my nature (Mars/Geburah Aries) and my connection and healthy relationship with Mars, as well as a reference to my Business’s name “Geburah Inquires” which literally had to do with the astral equivalent of Mars. The name simply balls down in translation to “Severity Questions ” or “Mars Inquires” , inputs, proposals , questions referring to Mars. Which is pretty obvious to someone who’s well informed with the subject at hand and it’s origin Kabbalistically speaking. Continuing on, The very way I made these Seals where so that I could be able to scry into them Like a Tattva and traverse the astral plain heading into what ever sphere I was intending to go to, which I have done so when I first made these seals and tested them out to see if it had the intended effect. Once I confirmed everything I went ahead and Supercharged them with various different Angels that rule over these spheres to give them their desired energies , and after it was set in stone from there. Now I use them as a way to reflect off how I feel and the way that I’m handling things, essentially how I “get to work”, as well as setting them as my wallpaper during the current planetary ruling day. For example, if it is the day of Mars I’ll set this one up on my Computer.

If it is the day of Yesod/Labbanah/Luna/Moon , I’ll set my Lunar seal up as background.

Etc Etc. So that’s the gist of my Kabbalistic Business Seals. The last 4 seals have to do with the Chiro, the holy sigil Christo bestowed upon Constantine the First during a vision he received from Christo a night before the battle of Milvian Bridge against Maxentius and his army and in that Morning he ordered his men to make banners and aquilas of this divine seal which in some sources state that this was an intention from Christ him self in which he wanted Constantine to do to win the upcoming battle as well as many battles in the future. Stating “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES” , which simply means , “In this sign thou shall conquer.” , and by this great sign did the Byzantine Empire surely conquer the battlefield when ever utilized. Though they where obviously not invincible nor immortal , simply put this sign helped them when under going the most of insane pressures laid on them within the battlefield. It was also through this divine sign as well as the relationship certain emperors had with Christo that they did reign and last through out hundreds of years through Usurpers, False prophets , Dictator like emperors and many other trials that God put this holy army through for the sake of Gods will as well as anything else Elohim had in stored for them when transcending after death. “All is Gods will” plays heavily with what I last stated, even with their downfall to the overwhelming and powerful Ottoman Empire in 1453 due to the fall of their Capital Constantinople, becoming what we know of now as Istanbul. Me as an Orthodox Christian/ Hebrew , by utilizing this Seal as well as knowing the integrity of it I pay homage to Christo as well as Elohim by using it within my Occult workings as well as just to resemble my “Religious Affiliation”. Though I have not been granted to utilize the true spiritual properties of this seal and have it greatly amplify my occult works , just yet. It’s Gods will when ever he wants to grant me his presence andor to send his son to me to walk amongst my life as well as my occult workings and greatly amplify the magnitude of my workings with his divine energy, and I mean the purest , and rawest of divine energy. Energy that cannot be mimicked nor simulated or referenced by anything else in this world other then Christo him self. And by the days I walk through this metaphysical plain as an occultist there’s nothing more that I want nor dream of that’s more greater an honor , as a man, then the presence of God/Elohim him self, or at the very least his son Christo, to walk amongst my life and be there for me literally and figuratively when ever I need help. That is my one true only wish, there’s nothing else I want nor wish for that can be of a greater gift then to witness God or Christo in front of me. And I’ll continue onward with my workings until I finally have climbed that hypothetical Latter up into the heavens. ☧✝❤💛💜✝☧ ά Χρήστος ω

You can read more about everything in this wikipedia page though don’t take everything literally this wiki segment I’m about to list down below is just to explain the Origin of the Seal and a little bit about Constantine the Great or Constantine the first.


This is going to be a really brief Article on Amaterasu since there’s not much to say about her in regards to my experiences with her. I will just be going over her form , her correspondences and what she can bring to the table as a spirit. I invoked Amaterasu recently though it was an accident and was not intended but that’s normal when you’ve reached a specific level of proficiency as a ceremonial magician , to the point where you cant even think of a spirits name unless you want to invoke it by accident and it appearing before you no matter what kind of spirit it is this applies to all spirits in general, so to avoid this from happening one just has to simply not put emphasis on the names or just don’t bring them up at all. In any case the way everything happened was simply due to me coming across one of my older gameplay videos I have uploaded on my old Youtube channel that I still use to just go about mundane business on Youtube watch videos and the likes, and I saw one of my really old videos get referenced to me literally named, “AMATERASU!” , and it was simply just game footage of me playing on a game called Skyrim with Naruto loose file installed into the game, essentially it was a “mod”, a “hack” for the game, and it’s based around the anime “Naruto” , a load of crap that I’m way over and long done with around these times just none sense I used to tune into back when I used to partake in shit like that, and when I looked at the name and saw that it said Amaterasu my brain began processing everything as well as putting emphasis on the name and within seconds I managed to Invoke/summon Amaterasu instantly , looking to my left from where my computer is usually stationed at and seeing a beautiful woman wearing a Kimono that’s really long a kimono that drags across the floor and the sleeves being really long as well, alongside her having really long black hair , hair that drags across the floor as well I’m talking really long hair, never saw something like that before on a female spirit up until now so she’s unique in that sense. And this girl seemed Japanese, with really pale skin almost looking dead and cold as well as her Kimono being black with emerald green or turquoise accents bearing a crown that’s shaped like a sphere with points around it as a reference to the sun and it’s Rays of light, due to her sun ties but I’ll get into all of that shortly in regards to her correspondences , Her eyes are a beautiful gold/yellow and she has a really pleasant voice with a very lively attitude. She looks similar to this image down below though not exactly, as usual , when it comes to spirit depictions.

After gazing upon her for a couple of seconds, I told her I was sorry for invoking her that those were not my intentions at the time it just happened due to my clairvoyance and etc but she said it was fine and that she already sensed it within me upon her reading my mind superficially . Since she already happened to be there and she came off as interesting to me I asked her if I can write an article on her , she agreed, and I went ahead and proceeded with the idea. Tracing out her seal and casting divinations in her name to gather as many information about her skills , background, nature as possible. Amterasu is known as the Sun God in Shinto or aka Japanese “mythology” as well as being referred to as “Mother of the Sun” and is one of the most important Spirits of Shinto. Though that’s not at all the case , Amaterasu is not Solar what so ever though she dose have ties to the sun due to the people who worshipped , and still worship her to this day associating her with the sun. Amaterasu is Venusian 11° in Taurus so the key word here is ‘Energetic’ , one who’s dexterous, usually skillful and graceful in motion. Someone with a passive attitude who tries to please others and expects it to be returned in kind, sometimes anticipating it. (♀♉️) .

In terms of what Amaterasu can offer the occultist, she’s telling me right now she would ‘love’ to help anyone out with social related matters as well as romantic matters so anything of a working nature in which you want to befriend co-workers ,managers, social gatherings , classrooms etc win people over to your side Amaterasu is your girl and the way to go, if you need help with relationship issues or generally want to improve upon the state of a relationship or you want to be in a relationship but lack the willpower to direct your “crush” or someone whom you have an interest in Amaterasu can also help you out with all of that and in regards to the crush she can bring him or her your way no problem. In general she’s skilled in bringing others together and making others connect with each other in one way shape or form. She works in a very passionate manner so you don’t have to worry about any drawbacks from her as she tends to things with the upmost of care, other then minor stuff like you winning one person over but with the effect of making someone else dislike you for what ever reason or spark conflict between you and others. So just watch how you go about things with her and where you put her up to task. As I stated earlier Amaterasu is Venusian being 11° in Taurus, and appears as a Beautiful Long black haired Japanese girl with pale skin, Yellow/Golden eyes , a really long all black kimono with Turquoise/Emerald Green accents, and a very pleasant soft voice. She doesn’t recommend that you use seals to summon her as it’s not needed I mean I literally didn’t even have to do anything I simply Invoked her by accident due to me laying emphasis on her name and boom she was there no ritual no nothing, nada. Though for beginners or people who just like using seals I’ll be listing it below.

Her seal is this.

Her Seal.
A really roughly made seal that I made , really quickly to show you an example of a seal someone can use with her or similar. So a rough draft if you will.

Qliphothic Middle Pillar

This is an article about an astral exercise that I made a while back which is referenced in the title of this article. It’s called the Qliphothic Middle Pillar, and it’s simply just a the middle pillar exercise though instead of dealing with the kabbalistic spheres of creation Kether, Daath, Tiphareth, Yesod , Malkuth, It deals with the opposing spheres so the sphere that oppose the spheres of creation which is , Thaumiel, Daath once again since Daath deals with coming fourth with death, accepting death and the abyss, Thagirion, Gamaliel, and Lilith. The point of this exercise is to simply just invoke the astral equivalent of these Qliphothic spheres so the astral energy of these spheres and becoming stronger spiritually speaking , it serves as a next step to take after mastering the Sephirothic middle pillar, to come clean with death by invoking the spheres that oppose the spheres of creation and knowing what it is reality with out any life. So reality void of life in the form of there being no sun with the opposing sun of the Qliphoth Thagirion , there being no Moon with Gamaliel, there being no Life on earth with Lilith, there being no unity through god and man with Thaumiel so life with out god in a constructive way, and the reason why I set this to be a step after mastering the normal middle pillar is due to this exercise being really hard on a beginner. This exercise is not to be approached just for the sake of working the “Dark forces” or anything similar, this exercise is to literally make you grow by confronting death it’s self and invoking spheres that oppose all life in many different ways and you can only just imagine the astral feeling these spheres give off when having their energies flow through you. This exercise is purely for strengthening the astral body for ascendance as well as allowing you to climb the tree of death (Sitra Ahra) more properly with out any trouble since you’ve already became familiar with the feeling, the energy vibrations, and the effects of these Qliphothic spheres and how they even make one feel emotionally.

The process involves you going through the same orientation as the Sephirothic middle pillar reciting holy names of god that rule over these kabbalistic paths but in this case what changes is the Spheres that your invoking and reciting through name, as well as the entities that you invoke as well. The holy names of god do not change obviously God rules over these spheres as well since these spheres are simply spheres that have to do with life, with out any life so to speak and the kabbalah as a whole being a literal divine manuscript of existence it’s self from God as a whole laid out in front of you going into the deepest aspects of creation and how everything essentially works. The Sitra Ahra is just Life full of death, no trees , no flowers , no sun light nor the lesser light of the moon ,no anything but death, a lifeless void like reality, and how the Sephiroth is the complete opposite of all of that simply serving as spheres that reflect the aspects of life it’s self and Gods emotions and will being reflected off of the Sephirothic spheres. Hence why one is called “The tree of life” , and the other , “The tree of death”. Another thing too I would like to add is that the Tree of death has nothing to do with hell it’s not even remotely hell it’s self so the inferno no no no that’s a different plain completely people call it the 9 hells because it’s just mans feeble outlook on them and given the nature of these spheres referring to it as hell. Continuing on , Kether literally means Unity, as opposed to Thaumiel meaning Division, that’s why There’s two entities that rule over Thaumiel so Moloch and Satan. Said to be forever locked in Conflict with one another but that’s not true it’s just lore as anything else that you come across Satan and Moloch are not enemies what so ever they’re neutral towards each other I mean they’re standing behind me right now because I invoked them by accident writing this out thinking about their names. So there’s no nit picking here everything works coherently and is aligned with each other , As above so below plays heavily in this subject, and generally speaking this is something that ignorant people would tend to confuse. Assuming that God doesn’t rule over Anything else but heaven and goodness and this and that, which is literally, Bullshit, and is a grave misinterpretation of my Elohim, Elohim rules over EVERYTHING, even Violence , Death , Murder, Rape , Strife, Poverty , everything terrible that happens to us on earth, the Kabbalistic spheres literally indicate that, with Geburah/Mars being the representation of Gods anguish and everything that one might consider as “bad” amongst society as a neutral bystander so war , strife , sex , destruction , genocide , chaos fire you name it madness coerciveness guns swords , Netzach/Venus being god’s lighter side or feminine aspect, Neptune/Chokmah being God’s wisdom, etc etc. Hell even in astrology you learn this ,the Qliphoth simply just serves to show you a reality void of Everything mentioned above, and you being left for dead in a lifeless void like reality with out the fruits of Elohim’s creation around you. So to those Edge -Lords out there expecting to be reciting or chanting some kind of fucking “dark chants” or something similar which is shit I used to do as a beginner when I didn’t know any better is just ridiculous that is definitely, not the case. I mean even infernal spirits so the real term of what people consider to be a “Demon” or “Daemon”, even acknowledges god and pays homage to him , 2 of my Patrons are literal popular Infernal spirits if you will my beloved Lilith and Lucifer so trust me, it’s not like I have some kind of out look on dark forces or anything hell this whole article is about how to do so but generally speaking stuff like that is just rubbish beginner crap when one doesn’t know any better someone who ‘s just into demons and shit and dark forces because it’s “cool” or something or is ignorant to the fact that God is literally the cost of everything that you see and experience and know and love as well as hate, and even so what the hell are you going to be saying? Because who rules over these spheres other then my Elohim/God? The ruler of the spheres? but who rules over everything including these spirits? Elohim. That’s why during Planetary invocations and Performing Magick of a Hermetic , Kabbalistic nature you have to recite Holy names of God, because God is literally the reason why your even dealing with his magical foundation in the first place I mean your learning about how heaven works and the spheres that rule over different aspects of life that have arch angels assigned to them etc , God is Omnipotent , Omniscient , and Omnipresent, and it is Elohim who made these spheres, not anyone or anything else. Want to confirm it? Astral travel to Kether and speak to my beloved Metatron and see for your self or something if you don’t value my words. If your even a potent magician that is Lol. Anyways continuing on, this exercise simply just involves you, reciting Holy names of God that rule over these paths as well as Invoking the Rulers of these Qliphothic Spheres and Invoking the Spheres them selves and the energies that come with them. Which is not an easy task. The spheres oppose life, once again, so invoking the energies of these spheres will literally give you the opposite effect or feeling that comes with invoking the Sephirothic Spheres of creation. So by the end of the exercise you will be left feeling immense pressure on your astral body as well as feeling emotionless , or dead inside , like there’s no meaning to life at all, as well as leaving you feeling paralyzed mentally to the point where you will have to be in bed for several hours or so and even so your just going to lay down like a lifeless husk of a human so to speak not even being able to think rationally. This is all the point though, and this is only the way things feel during the beginning process of this exercise. Once you’ve mastered the exercise and your on your 8th- 10th attempt at it, the general side effects of this exercise will be lessened down to moderate levels or to the point where they are not apparent at all and you just feel really cold internally as well as astrally so your astral body feeling really cold. Like if you dived into a tub full of ice. Not to mention the chaos or instability that comes with invoking these spheres , spheres like Thaumiel and Gamaliel etc so stuff slamming or falling around you due to the entities being invoked that rule over these spheres and what they do around you etc. So you really have to be at the very least , and adept magician or someone at my level to do so properly with out any trouble what so ever.

This is how you perform the Qliphothic Middle Pillar Ritual/Exercise


After reciting these holy names of God/ Elohim that rule over these kabbalistic paths then you follow up with the name of the spheres.

  2. DAATH

Then you follow up with the rulers of these spheres.


Before beginning the operation you have to prepare your self with Rhythmic Breathing if your a beginner to center your self down and get your self into the right state of mind before beginning to partake in the astral. Breath in and out 5 seconds , so breath in for 5 seconds , breath out for 5 seconds, and continue the cycle until your consciousness picks everything up and continues to breath within the rhythm by it’s self with out you having to put any effort in doing so. Once done and you feel your self in a nice and calm mellow state of mind, where nothing intrudes mind not even the thoughts of a bill that needs to be paid or an argument you had recently or similar. Once your done, you are ready to begin. Begin with reciting the Holy names of God, and continue to recite these names and visually imagine them appearing before you in the style of the image above. So Thaumiel being over your head, Daath being infront of your throat under your jaw, Thagirion being over your chest, Gamaliel being over your crotch area, and Lilith being in between your knees in front of them. While reciting these names imagine these spheres forming up in these areas and growing ever so potently and prominently after going through the cycle from Holy names of god, to the name of these spheres, to the names of the rulers of these spheres. Once everything is done and you’ve done the exercise correctly you will feel immense amounts of energy flowing through you from the top of your head going all the way down the left side of your body to your feet and going back up towards the top on the right side of your body and meeting back at thaumiel, forming a consistent current of energy flowing from top to bottom and back up. At this point is when you begin to feel cold as well as seeing the rulers of these spheres surround you as well as an intense feeling of sadness or discouragement or existential-ness flowing about your mind shortly after the ritual. or begin to form up an hour after. It all depends on how developed you are as a magician and how much energy you can handle flowing through you and not only that but if you can even handle Dark forms of astral energy flowing through you and the side effects that come with these energies such as everything I listed above earlier.

I remember the first time I performed this exercise testing it out after I made it. It didn’t have a general effect on me off the bat since I had to empower it by constantly doing the ritual but instead I simply had the help of Lilith and Abaddon empowering the effects of this Exercise and allowing me to perform it with great results. It was a new born ritual at the time so the thing needed juice so to speak in the form of astral energy to be effective. When I did so , the second time I performed the ritual that’s when I really started noticing things like feeling extremely cold astrally and a bunch of little stuff happening like spirits causing stuff to fall down etc weird noises that I would hear in the Sitra Ahra when astral traveling and etc etc, as well as the intense levels of astral pressure I felt over my body making me tired really fast as well as making me more sluggish. I kept at it with performing the ritual as to make my astral body grow ad strengthen by enduring everything that comes with this exercise, and when I finally got to my 5th time of performing this exercise, all hell broke loose literally. Nothing happened but the usual that happens when performing this exercise that I listed above until an hour or so after the ritual. I went to go cast an horary astrological chart. I was greeted with something that was extremely uncanny and that I never saw in my life in terms of being an astrologer until that very moment. I opened up my astrological software for the horary chart and saw I was being represented by aries in the first house I went over to look at the State mars was in and boy oh boy I was shocked. The statistics and information on Mar’s position where all blank and on 0, and it was literally only Mars, not anything else, just Mars. The statistics are graphed as well with a Bar graph on the side of the main statistics of the position of mars and in stead of being Green and Red how they usually are there was no status bars at all along side everything saying 0 for mars. It was almost as if Mars died as a planet. Check out and example below.

So I simply thought to my self, “What the fuck!?” , and closed the application only to open it again and it saying the same exact thing. After that whole factor when I realized everything that’s when the effects of the Middle Pillar ritual of the Sitra Ahra kick in and I started feeling like literal crap. Feeling extreme amounts of depression momentarily as well as feeling Paralyzed mentally and not being able to move or even think properly or rationally. I just laid up in bed like some kind of rag doll lifeless and inanimate. Like a statue almost or similar. And I stayed like that for several hours I think it was 5 hours in total or so the least being 4 until I conjured up enough strength to call upon Raphael and have him heal me astrally to lessen the side effects of the ritual and he did so like no other bringing me back to life within an hour or 2 but even still I still felt like crap, only difference is I was able to think now and move properly. Though this was the entire point of the ritual. Because after this when I went back to approach it and perform it again, the effects where much more lesser in this case and the only thing I was feeling was spiritual Coldness as well as feeling hollow inside but that’s ok due to the energy being of a dark astral nature and Dark astral energy giving off these feelings and vibrations and-or sensations, and after that point on I was able to perform the exercise swiftly and effectively with only the misfortune of feeling really cold astrally, void of life internally, so a hollow feeling, and getting neurotic thoughts like temporary depression, feeling anguish rise up out of no where, and stuff that the rulers of these spheres cause like Moloch being martian causing stuff to slam or fall or just loud noises happening in general and etc etc and that is all. My astral body feels ten times stronger then when I performed this exercise the first time I did so up until when I mastered this exersice. I still perform this when ever I want dosages of dark astral energy flowing through me as well as a kick starter before I step out of my mortal coil and climb the Qliphoth/Tree of Death/Sitra Ahra. This pretty much sums everything up, you can go ahead and approach this exercise if you will though keep in mind everything it was that I stated about side effects, the meaning behind this ritual/exercise so the integrity of everything, the benefits and results of this exercise etc. Another thing too, to keep in mind is that this exercise is a Far-cry to the actual feeling you get when traversing the Tree of death and the Qliphothic spheres in the astral plain. but it serves as a strengthener to prepare you to what your about to get into as well as to make your astral body more stronger before you face the real deal so to speak. Similar to you going to a gun range to learn how to shoot before you find your self in an actual life or death situation or are a military personnel about to get deployed to put his training into practicality. That is all. Enjoy my exercise.

My experiences with Raziel

I started working with Raziel several months ago when I was looking for a spirit that would help me with my spiritual ascension as an occultist/magician. I also wanted to adopt him as a patron due to a lot of reasons, so many reasons that it’s just to much to say, similar to the rest of my guys so I wont be going into them. When I first hosted a ritual for Raziel and invoked him he didn’t appear before me which was a bit odd apposed to the other spirits I’ve worked with ,he was just in the background and I knew this because I just saw blue little dots or particles of astral energy around the room I was in and could feel his energy flow through me as an invoker as well as intense astral energy flowing up my kundalini so I just went about speaking to him directly at his altar similar to how you would speak to a passed loved one at their grave or similar, and told him everything. When I finally concluded everything that I wanted to tell him I went along and simply asked if he accepts my proposals and I heard a strong moderately echoey voice say something in the lines of “Yes. I am willing to help you and become your patron.” , so from that point on it was set and stone between me and Raziel. Around the 3rd time or so I hosted a ritual invocation for him was when he appeared before me in the form of a ball of astral energy as usual for me when it comes to how I view the archangels though this varies from astral plain to physical plain , and I’m being told right now it’s just due to my clairvoyance levels and that over time this will change which is something I already knew but Raziel wants me to mention it anyway for those of you that didn’t know why that is the case. Anyways, the color of his energy was a whiteish blue , like an extremely light blue that’s nearly white and at other times when appearing it’s just sky blue. As well as this orb making me feel cold due to it being neptunian pisceian energy so watery energys feeling nice and cool not to cold just a nice cool feeling to the atmosphere as well as it feeling like you are submerged in water so water running across your body instead of feeling on fire like with mars you feel water flowing through you astrally. When entering my dreams Raziel appears similar to this picture I will list down below though due keep in mind that this is not exactly how he looks.

Raziel has helped me out tremendously through out the course of our relationship in terms of him improving me overall spiritually as well as removing any leftover mental baggage that I was exposed to through out my past life and many more astral faculties, such as improving my every single aspect of my astral senses from clairvoyance so my 3rd eye and being able to see full blown layers of energy so clear waves of energy and enabling me able to see spirits to a moderate degree as I can now, to clairaudience so my astral ears, as well as the amount of energy I can handle as an invoker so energy flowing through me , enhancing my kundalini, and improving my ability to astral travel easily slipping out of my mortal coil and transferring my consciousness to a body of energy which is my astral body obviously, and enhancing my telepathic abilities in terms of being able to receive messages from spirits and talking to them in that way rather then just speaking out loud etc. Even making me more spiritually refined so making me more able to do things of a spiritual nature more easily then ever before, and making me attract spirits like a magnet to the point where I can’t even think of a spirits name or else I might “accidently” invoke it and bring it to me. I couldn’t even imagine getting to the level in which I got to today if it wasn’t for my beloved Raziel and everything he’s helped me out with in terms of molding me into the most refined magician he possibly can by any means necessary. Especially with the addition of the greater keys of Solomon/pentacles so Jupitarian pentacles since you have to deal with him through Jupitarian correspondences, and the 5th pentacle of Jupiter/Chesed/Tzedek really improves his clairvoyance skills and enabling you to receive visions of any nature and literally seeing them while sitting down or something as well as very potent vivid dreams that are of a divine relevance. All the while increasing the magnitude of your working drastically. I even had him improve my intuition, allowing me to see a head of time and to decipher situations , information , in a not some common or relatively speaking in an out of this world manner similar to spirits. Raziel is the way to go when it comes to one wanting to ascend and improve as a magician and it’s through Raziel that you will do so in a nice and stable fashion with no draw backs what so ever, the only thing you have to be concerned about is the load or the hypothetical dosages of your work so how much energy is flowing through you at a time and sometimes feeling immense astral pressure on you but that’s ok that’s normal.

In terms of what Raziel can do for the magician and what his correspondences are and his profile Raziel is an ArchAngel so the ArchAngel ruling over the 2nd highest sphere of the Sephiroth so Chokma/Neptune/Niphton, holy number being 2 (obviously). Since he’s the ruler of the Neptune and Neptune in a modern astrological sense rules over Pisces but the original ruler of Pisces is Jupiter/Chesed/Tzedek , but Neptune act’s like a vice ruler to Pisces Similar to Pluto with Scorpio since Mars rules over Scorpio and etc etc Uranus is the vice ruler of Aquarius etc,so this means Raziel has partial ruling over Pisces along side my beloved Tzadkiel archangel ruler of Jupiter, so Raziel rules over both Neptune and Pisces and this is indeed the case and Neptune in the sign of Pisces astralogically speaking deals with clairvoyance faculties and high Spiritual development as well as healing abilities , which somes up everything Raziel is mainly skilled in and what he can do for you. Raziel is Pisceian in nature so 13° in Pisces so someone who is extremely existential and questions reality and likes to live within his own world hypothetically speaking someone who’s a loner type in a good way if well afflicted if badly afflicted will result in being discouraged easily as well as being lonely and in your own little world in a negative way tending to drift off towards your own illusion or dream if you will, so the key word here is “Dreamer” , but only most of this applies to Raziel, Raziel is not a human for him to be grieving or questioning anything about reality , only in the form of how he acts and yes Raziel is indeed someone who enjoys his privacy and would prefer to be alone in a good way. He prefers having his own Altar room away from everything and everyone and would only want you to come in and check everything out when extremely necessary. Or else he’ll tell you ” what is it what do you want? everything is fine here please leave.” Which has happened back when I first started working with him when I didn’t know any better until casting a chart on him and then instantly saw everything about him that I literally mentioned earlier above about his nature and everything his skills etc. So yeah Raziel can generally speaking help you out with anything of an astral nature so Clairvoyance , Clairaudience , Kundalini awakening or enhancements , opening your 3rd eye by softening your pineal gland, enabling telepathy , making it easier to access your astral body when it comes to astral traveling and stepping out of your vessel in less then 10 seconds, enhancing the energy flowing through you to greater loads or higher limits, improvement of the intuition, bestowing upon visions or enabling you to view visions, Etc etc etc everything I just listed here is everything I’ve ever done with Raziel and he is definitely really really good at what he dose in terms of helping one ascend astrally speaking like no other. Raziel is an Ophanim, His name means “Wisdom of God” or “Knowledge of God”. He appears as a sky blue sphere of astral energy and when in my dreams or giving me a vision he appears as a refined man with a tan nice and strong as well as seeming really tall reminds me of my lord Samael a little bit wearing sky blue robes holding a staff with a ball on top of it and has long black hair that’s curly. Sporting a lightly echoey voice that’s very strong and has a serious attitude so being somewhat of a strong silent type. If astral development is what you want Raziel is the way to go like I’ve stated about and will help you out immensely always willing to help. 💙♓️ He’s pisceian so if your going to give him edible offerings give him stuff of a liquid nature soup, oatmeal etc stuff I listed as good pisceian offerings in my Lilith article. But generally speaking give him stuff of a Jupiterian nature so stuff that’s blue as well as stuff that’s made out of steel since steel is jupiter’s alloy ,blue liquor , blue candles Jupetarian fragrance oil’s you name it. All of this will do with Raziel.

His seal is this. Which is a custom made seal I made for Raziel as well as pictures of his altar down below.

This is not an edit this is literally how blue my room is due to the LED lights I have on my walls.

My experiences with Lucifer

I started working with Lucifer several months back after adopting Lilith as my 5th patron my 5th in command, them 2 being the only Hasetani/Infernal spirits of my group, and making Lucifer my 6th patron and 6th in command. When I first held a ritual for Lucifer and invoked him using solar correspondences instead of the room being hot it was a bit chilly and cold like a nice cool breeze on a Autumn day. Almost as if he was radiating the energies of the black sun Thagirion of the Qliphoth/Sitra Ahra, and he appeared to me as a small kid that’s really white like extremely white albino almost with short white hair up to his ears and black eyes ,eyes that are void of life so horror movie like eyes ,and had a quiet like timid voice. Almost sounds like he’s not trying to be to loud while simultaneously having an authoritative attitude. He walked toward me and stood dead in-front of me and looked up to me as if getting ready to say something which he did, basically him saying thank you for summoning him as well as setting a default altar for him in my home etc, and we went over business. Later on well after his departure he came back to see me this time in the form of a little girl wearing a dress with black and white features with the same kind of descriptions as stated earlier. White skin white hair like literally pale void of any color just a glooming white. with black eyes and long white hair. I found it odd but kind of funny at the fact that he went from a small boy to a small girl , all while maintaining the same voice. This time said that he simply just wanted to me around me and that he enjoys my company so I agreed saying the same thing and I went about just watching documentaries as he stood beside me. The next time he appeared was as both the boy and the girl standing next to each other as a pair brother and sister , and was just walking around my apartment and when I realized he was just doing his thing I said “ok” and went and continued going about mundane things. The next time I got up and when to my living room to sit there I found him sitting down on my couch just there, still in the boy and girl form so I literally walked into a boy and girl just, randomly sitting on my couch, which I didn’t mind because what the hell, that’s what spirits do when they’re in your life. Just walk or float about your house enjoying the scenery or what ever. When I astral traveled and looked around the room I was in Lucifer looked really different this time baring a completely different form entirely , taking the shape of a small black whole looking orb with white outlines as if it looked like the black sun Thagirion, this time emanating a soft cool temperature at the same time feeling warm it was odd at first instance because it was like someone standing in front of an ac as well as a heater but not at high levels. which I really liked alot and he still appears to me in this form. As well as occasionally appearing to me as the little boy and girl form. Which I like alot as well it’s terrifyingly beautiful reminds me of horror films and similar. Lucifer came through for me the first time I asked him to do something for me, in helping me create a website which he certainly did so , so Yes he can help me but the drawback of this working will be that the website will not look so good. Along side him not even being skilled in this matter this is something of Tzaphkiel’s expertise so yeah, at the time it was a basic HTML website and it was a website in it’s most primitive form. The website was a far cry from my current website, but I was still grateful of it and what Lucifer was able to do for me nevertheless. a picture of it will be down below.

Besides that working I’ve had Lucifer help me out with a number of different things since he ‘is’ a solar spirit and a really good one at that being a jack-of-all-trades type though to a certain degree. And One of them being Love related matters specifically having him try and find me my kindred spirit so my “soul-mate” or significant other, ones true love if you will, and I mean love in a Solar manner so true unbreakable indestructible impeccable love at its truest and purest form. Not a crush or lust , nor the thing that people confuse true love with which is really liking someone to the point were you disregard set person’s negligible defects and conflicting character traits for the sake of the bond no I mean love in a way that you feel extremely odd about somebody as if your soul so to speak is attracted to this person and you cannot describe it with words alone, that you feel as if you two were born for each other etc etc. True love in it’s rawest form. And going about doing so with Lucifer was not easy. the working took several months for lucifer to find me a suitable girl due to all the so called women that are around here and them being having a bunch of problems or they didn’t fit the bill in one way another, so Lucifer just got me the next big thing that was closest to set goal though it wasn’t what I was looking for as the girl and I didn’t love each other in a solar manner at all but more in a Venusian manner so accepting one another regardless of traits and that was not what I was looking for. So I dropped the working half way due to finding one’s kindred spirit being nearly impossible and taking extensive amounts of time, though the divinations did state that lucifer will ‘try to find’ that one & only girl if you will but if worse comes to worse the least he’ll do is bring me the closest thing as well as it stating that it will take some time though I didn’t think it was going to take that much time the equivalent of years work, as what the working needed for true success , and there was other matters I needed Lucifer’s emphasis being put on as well as me not wanting to waste any more energy towards the working as it’s simply impractical to me and not as important as anything else so I simply told him to not worry about the working and that I needed his attention being put on something else. Though was able to do so I just didn’t go any further with the working than to the point of the girl Lucifer brought to me, and he agreed though saying it’s unfortunate I cut the working off though he understands where I’m coming from as I’m not striving as much for it and it not being important to me , nor it becoming any of my priorities so yeah. Not to mention how long it would take for him to be able to find my kindred spirit due to that just being a Major working that takes time similar to removing ones retrograde effects or growing taller or wider etc stuff like this takes time. So that was that working. He also gave me multiple dreams through out the process though with one of them being the most noticeable/prominent one. The dream consisted of me being in some unknown family house and the owner being a caucasian woman, I happened to be in a hallway and the lady approached me stating “Oh hello! I think I know you! You’re my daughters friend right is that it? Oh yess you are come sit down sit down!” And Before I could even state anything, I just went with it and sat down at their dinner table in their kitchen. The daughter she spoke of happened to come down stairs and was a beautiful girl with long brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes resembling that of the vast skies on a hot sunny day. And wearing a really long T-shirt with nothing else under but her under-wear , like literal clothes that you wear under your outfit so a bra etc, and this girl immediately drew my attention like no other everything went from 0- 100 after I saw this girl. Then she greeted me as she came to sit on the chair next to me, and we just went ahead and talked like no other and it was just the most beautiful thing honestly, we connected and talked as if we were already knew each other, with no shame or shyness or holding back anything, as if we were best friends or similar. And she was just asking me about a bunch of things as well as her mentioning if I liked astrology and if I was interested in etc, obviously I’m more than interested if you ask me ,I literally ‘am’ an astrologer, that was an understatement what she stated but yeah that’s besides the point, I simply went with it saying “yeah I’m into that kind of stuff etc” and the rest of the conversation was just absolutely compelling and really intimate and note worthy. I never connected with a girl like this before it made my previous relations seem like a joke honestly, in terms of bonding and connection as the feeling as well, was just breathtaking. At some point she even got up and sat on my lap for some odd reason while speaking though I wasn’t surprised I went with it since I felt this was lucifer’s doing or influence over the dream, since this whole dream literally came from him to begin with, and then went over about how she want’s me to impregnate her etc grabbed my hand and put it over her stomach and at that moment I immediately caught on that it was Lucifers doing though I didn’t mind , and shortly after everything I woke up. And Lucifer was just stating if I liked the dream and what not and that, what I experienced was what to come in due time, though since I cut the working off obviously it never happened. Maybe I’ll pick up the working once again over the passage of time in some segment of my life or another but as of now , No. Those were just some of the things Lucifer did for me over the course of our relationship , he also has helped me out with money and other matters relating to a Solar nature , healing me in certain instances when ever I asked him to do so for me. As well as him being the booster to my business working under Raphael in this matter while Raphael is my financial manager. And Raphael rules over Lucifer as well alongside Michael ruling over Lucifer so Lucifer will appear with either or with him or in the background . And they work together for me on the expansion of my business. I love them both my Potestates and my Malakim <3.

In terms of what Lucifer can bring to the table and what his correspondences are, Lucifer is a Fallen Angel and his name means “Light bringer”, so he’s infernal , Hasetani , his choir of angels is Potestates, being the Highest ranking one if I’m not mistaken or one of the Highest ranking Potestates angels amongst set group or class. So in short Lucifer is a Hasetani Potestates angel that is solar in nature corresponding to 5° In Leo so someone who has uncommon amounts of patience and perseverance, but extremely fixed in his ways or ideas. Lucifer works in a power house like way going all out on a specific job but also bring fourth general misfortunes due to him working in this manner so working really forcefully. He appears as a small boy or a small girl or both at the same time in some instances with the boy and girl being really white with white hair and black eyes wearing black clothing really black in it’s strongest form horror movie like features if you will, and In some instances appearing as a black orb of astral energy with white outlines resembling the black sun Thagirion as well as giving off a warm and cold feeling at the same time, with a really soft timid quiet like voice that also has some prominence to it and can be a bit forceful at times in terms of attitude so authoritative as I stated earlier. And is skilled in any matters of Solar nature ,so some spirits are only skilled at a specific thing regarding the sphere they come from but Lucifer is different he’s skilled at everything solar if you will. Though keep things within a Solar nature or else you’ll find difficulty or not so good results when having him do something similar to the website working I stated above. And is ready to get to work and help anyone with any matters that they wish for that is solar once again, so Money, Love, abundance in many aspects , Healing, beauty to a certain degree, and many other things since the sun covers a bunch of different things more then any other planet since it is the chore of our universe, everything revolves around the sun, and this is also apparent astrologically or kabbalistcally speaking as well as dealing with planetary magic with the Ararita hexagram having the Sun in the center, and the lesser planets surrounding it.

His seal is this. Which is a personal Seal I made for him along side another seal that people commonly associate with him. Lucifer currently working through Raphael’s altar due to the lack of space though there’s no problems as long as you make this apparent with the owner of the altar who in this case is Raphael and the owner agrees and says that it’s ok to do so. A picture will be down below as well.

The closest thing I can find that resembles what I was saying about his form. Same features apply to the little
The closest thing that I can find that resembles Lucifer’s celestial form that he’s showed me long after writing this article minus the 6 wings which only Seraphim Angels bare, and the horns and the orange hair. As well as Lucifer being way more muscular.

My experiences with Haniel/Anael

I started working with Haniel or Anael ,either or could be used to refer to him, along time ago around the same time I started working with Raphael. I held a ritual/invocation for him and adopted him as my second patron at the time in terms of putting him in charge of my physical beauty so my apparel and my appearance, as well as the enhancement of my artistic skills so painting ,drawing ,sketching ,playing instruments like the guitar etc and any other Venusian matters that I needed help in love and a bunch of other stuff, and Haniel came through for me and did just that. After making Haniel one of my patrons everything that I just stated above has been improved and worked upon like no other over the passage of time, when it comes to love though it was just a one time thing and I never had him do so again after performing set working because I didn’t need to anymore. Anyways , I started drawing really good even if I do say so my self, really high detailed images and paintings, I could play the electric guitar better then I ever could before as well as being able to move that skill over to an acoustic guitar, I also put Haniel in charge of my hair growth and it’s health and my hair has been growing really long and healthy and fast through out the course of our relationship which is never ending all of my guys will be with me until death do us part, literally. Until I shed away my mortal coil and my astral body is left and God does what he will with my soul. None of the guys I work with are ever leaving , so Haniel will be well at work for quite some time considering I make it to old age, and all of these bestowments are all thanks to Haniel , my beloved Elohim. ♎️♉️♀ The first time I invoked Haniel, I couldn’t see him at all only hear him and it was very brief in the form small sentences and words. Stuff like “Yes I can” , but it was very apparent. As Haniel has one of the loudest voices amongst the Archangels as I stated previously in an earlier article. Now it’s different to me he appears as an Orb of energy that’s green but changes alot from green to red and back to green etc . Similar to how the rest of the archangels appear to me as for now that is. In the astral plain this form various as I stated before as everything is more potent in the astral plain for obvious reasons. It looks like a small Venus sphere that also turns red like a glorious crimson. It’s different the red color that Samaels astral energy gives off , Samael’s being a very brilliant scarlet that’s very fixed it barely changes color. In dreams I can see him perfectly when he bestows upon me dreams or enters my dreams to tell me something, and he looks like a typical Archangel similar to images you will find on google with the phrase of words “Archangel” , being in the search bar. He looks like a beautiful man well defined with long black hair similar to mine but longer and not in braids so long permed hair, with black and green robes with a red sash and he’s holding a lantern. Similar to this image but not necessarily.

I remember back when my beloved Haniel helped me out with getting my hair braided a couple months back. When I tried to get braided but couldn’t do so due to me not being able to find someone and salons overpricing the job I wanted done on me I simply thought to myself , ok looks like I’m going to have to take drastic measures.” , and went ahead and invoked My 3rd in command to see what he can do for me in terms of finding an eligible braider that can do the job swiftly , and as efficiently as possible. So quick as well doing things properly. Though the went I went about in terms of holding a ritual for him I didn’t perform any divinations what so ever to confirm that Haniel can do this for me and what the , ” terms and conditions” were on this matter , so that I can know what I’m about to head into and how to go about things. I simply just hand picked him. When I did so and proposed to him the whole matter he said Yes that he’ll see what he can do for me in terms of this working and within 2 weeks or so I found a braider, thanks to him <3. On the same day I was getting ready to head out I invoked Haniel again 30 minutes before leaving to change the terms of the working that I gave to him to tell him to do some other things that go with this current working , and essentially I didn’t know that I was biting off more then I could chew so to speak. I held the ritual for him and it was around the afternoon and there were kids running about out side and trucks passing by and a whole bunch of crap that lead me to not being able to perform the ritual correctly. I kept getting horribly interrupted by external sources and it was really pissing me off at that so I was becoming lesser and lesser of the specific mental state you need to be in, in order to properly go about things on a spiritual level. I still managed to do everything and hold the ritual for him with it having it’s effects but it wasn’t done ‘well’ if you will. While he was watching me finish up the ritual we began speaking and I told him everything, though he said that he wasn’t sure of him being able to do that for me given the current astral energy that was present for the working that I gave him in the form of offerings. So I said to just see what he can do utilizing the current energies that were present during that time and to let me know if there was nothing that could be done at all. He agreed, and we went on from there me leaving in a cab a couple minutes after all of that due to me literally holding that ritual like an hour or so before it was time for me to head out to the quote on quote , “appointment”. When I got there, all hell broke loose, I was texting the girl telling her that I was outside but she wasn’t responding to my messages what so ever. So I had to tell my cab driver to wait for me outside so that I can check to see if this girl is just occupied at the moment doing mundane things around her house or similar and so that she can open the door for me, or to check if she’s even here. He agreed since I’ve known this driver for so long and he wasn’t being held up in anyway since he was free at the time. Long story short, the girl didn’t answer me, nor did she open up the door for me. So I attempted to leave proceeding back to my cab driver’s car and while I was doing so , as I was literally seconds away from grabbing the door handle to this guys car I saw 2 huge dogs one being a rottweiler and one being just an average pitbull that’s greyish and white, and they were out side in an open yard to a house that was across the street for the initial house that I came from as well as a girl around my age or similar or younger then me that was there with the 2 dogs walking them around on leashes and what not, and the 2 dogs were apparently on their way towards me the girl lost control of them and I didn’t realize , ‘any’ of this what so ever until the cab driver lowered the windows and told me that ” there’s 2 dog on the way hurry up get in” in spanish and I immediately looked up and saw them well on their way towards me about to cross the street so I opened that door so damn fast and jumped right in his car stating “Oh shit!” ,but before I could close the door the lady had already caught up to the 2 dogs and yanked on their leashes etc. So I simply just came to a relief , though keep in mind, the entire time I was being accompanied by Samael and Haniel, and this was the first time I ever bought Haniel out side with me due to there being no necessary reason for him to accompany me out doors since he’s doesn’t correspond to that in terms of protection and offense or defense etc, though that doesn’t mean that Haniel can’t really violate someone’s life entirely. He’s still an archangel. As well as I already have Samael accompanying me out side due to him being skilled in set matter and everything and his very nature alone makes him up for this task. I had Haniel come with us due to me wanting him to be there to see the working go through and get done right before him and to have him there for the things I told him to do before heading out in the first place, and while me realizing who I was with along side the reasons why everything went to shit in the first place I found out what was happening. And it was just everything I recently did work against me, so I didn’t say anything to them about the matters until I got home. When I did so that’s when I simply told Haniel before he even stated anything it’s ok Haniel don’t worry about it I already know why everything went down like that , and told him everything. And it was happening since the first time I put Haniel up for this task, so number 1 Haniel was able to find me an eligible girl that can do this task for me, but it was a wimpy braider, so a girl that doesn’t really do this for a living just some girl that decided to do so for me at the moment because that was all he could find at the time, number 2 the second time I held a ritual for him in terms of me coming fourth to him with a new job proposal in terms of that working, and me biting off more then I could chew at the time , number 3 performing the ritual terribly, and number 4 Samaels energy also playing a part while the misfortunes were happening due to him being along side me while everything was unfolding and it was nothing that he could have stopped, due to his energy just being caught in the mix if you will or his energy causing the dog part to happen while being around them or similar. Ah I’m being told right now as I write this out that the dogs noticed the astral energy around me in the form of them being next to me and the dogs reacted strangely to their forms, and it all makes sense now similar to how dogs go nuts when they see ghosts if you will. And dogs as well as specifically animals in general are more clairvoyant then humans are on a basic level so yeah everything makes sense now. The dog part had nothing to do with the misfortunes. Now that, that has been confirmed moving on. So this is why divinations are very important to use before performing a working to see how everything will go, or before you assign a spirit to be your patron to see if they would even benefit you in regards to your current life situation, or on anything that is considered really import so that you can know the outcomes of set matters, though only on important things, so stuff of an astral nature is also included due to you having to know what your about to get into, how things will end up or be, etc etc etc. So due keep this in mind. Continuing on, knowing these factors I went ahead and redid everything this time around performing divinatory readings to see how everything will go and turn out, and voila, everything was going to be a complete success and everything was well in my favor. So I said ok, bingo, and proceeded with the getting down to business once again from scratch with Haniel on this same matter though with different opportunities and a different outcome. to keep a really long story shorter then how long it got Lol, within a short time period think it was a couple of days or so I found another braider thanks to my thrice Lord and this time around it was a professional braider so a girl that dose this for a living and gets paid off of it etc, not just that but she Loves doing it! So her heart is applied to her work, similar to I , and I knew that I found the one when she told me about her self and everything that I just stated above. I already knew though that everything was going to go well so I wasn’t worried about anything I just simply, executed everything if you will, and went about doing everything. When the day came for me to go to her house I called up my cab and the boat was sailing from there. I went and I got braided , this time extremely fast I’m talking literally large chunks of time being removed from how long I normally got my hairstyle done before this braider which was like 5 hours not joking. Though the pros out weighed the cons for me so I just went about with it but when I found this girl, it made me realize how lack luster the other braiders were before hand and how slow they did the job , sometimes I would have to return the next day with a half braided head so that they can finish the job because they got to tired and didn’t want to do it etc and it was just so ridiculous. None of that bullshit when down with this braided though, she braided my hair in 2 hours! Literally just 1 , 2 , and done, I never got my hair braided so damn fast not only that but the girl doing an amazing job all the while at it , even doing impractical stuff to my hair in general so that the braids look really good after and lasted long. Stuff like blow drying my hair which none of my previous braiders did, Dipping my hair in boiling hot water to soften it up and change the texture etc like literally warming up a pot of water on the stove to do so, and then dipping my braids in the hot water again then applying a bunch of crap to it for the health of my hair and stuff for my braids, and it just blew my mind that she was able to do ‘all’ of that, in just 2 hours , with my last braiders taking damn near 6 hours to finish and do nothing but braid and kome braid and kome. Makes you think alot right? Anyways , after I left and went back home I was just so happy to see everything that I literally knew was going to happen play out directly in front of me in the exact manner I was foretold it would, and not to mention the beautiful job I got done on my hair. It was just amazing, and I couldn’t thank Haniel any more through words alone, He came through for me in this matter like no other, being along side every step of the way. I love him dearly, I even gave him some more stuff as offerings just so he can have the extra energy just because to show him my thanks and ode to him. I love him like no other along side my other guys.

In terms of what Haniel can bring to the table as a spirit to work with or adopt as a patron, along side his correspondences, Haniel is the Ruler of the 7th sphere of the Sephiroth so Netzach/Nogah/Venus and is the ruler of Both Taurus and Libra, which are the signs that Venus rules over, and Haniel ruling over all three. The holy number of Venus is 7. Haniel’s name means Beauty of God or Love of god or Art of god Either or. Haniel corresponds to 19° in Taurus ♉️ so the key word here is “Flowering”. One who has a sweet and gentle character who possesses attributes of Genius. Teaching , acting , dancing ,oratory, inventing and composing are all favored in the form of an artistic value or nature. Haniel’s choir of angels is Elohim, so Haniel is an Elohim being one of the farthest classes of angels from God’s point in heaven, he is also the ruler of the 7th heaven. He can help the magician in any of the matters that I listed or mentioned above so anything of an art form or in a beauty sense one’s physical beauty either through apparel or Appearance, and anything else corresponding to Venus and the signs therein Taurus and Libra but Haniel works in a Taurus like way so do keep that in mind when attempting to work with him or similar. He appears as a beautiful Emerald green orb of astral energy with this form varying from the physical plain to the astral plain, it looking like a small Netzach sphere in the astral plain that can talk. He has a very powerful prominent loud echoy like voice that mutes everything else in the background slightly , alowing his to be the loudest thing you hear, and the only thing you hear. Haniels strongest feats are love and beauty , so he can also reverse those effects for an unfortunate individual , bestowing upon hideousness as well as destroying relationships and etc when needed. Though you can’t just ask him to do this like some kind of infernal spirit he will deny you the factor of approval off the bat, and it has to be ‘really’ reasonable and justifiable for him to do so as he ‘is’ and Archangel after all, a celestial spirit with moralities and laws to abide and fall under as a symbol of virtue at it’s purest form.

His seal is this. His altar will also be down below.